In www.koolartz.com marketed products and their use and / or download information contained therein, they are conditioned (as) to full acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below.

At the moment the company use the platform KOOLARTZ SAS Colombia either for viewing, browsing and / or buy products, is able to accept the following terms and conditions of our services.

The brand KOOLARTZ SAS Colombia offers exclusive products because a high percentage are handmade by indigenous and craftsmen, in which their tissues are not repeated in any case, both the diameter and design of figures in cool and Wayuu fabrics such articles leather goods, jewelry in tone and material.

Products purchased will have a guarantee of two (2) months from the merchandise received, either by light manufacturing defects, poor condition of the scalp and / or other materials used in it, having to report to the effect of immediately and in the middle expeditious return, in order to verify that it does not constitute misuse of those who purchase the product.

Therefore, in no case claims, product returns or exchanges will be accepted outside the warranty terms described above and much less when deducted and show that the damage was good for determining guilt and exclusive color shades of our products may vary by a percentage relative to the sample image contained on the page and for the physical commodity, for reasons of light or other image defects that may occur on the website. However, this does not constitute grounds for return of goods by the buyer, however it does not change or changes the selected and then purchased the product.

Prior to purchasing any of the products offered by KOOLARTZ SAS Colombia, shall be indicated by the buyer the place to which it is intended the shipment thereof, in order to verify if the company email account coverage to certain cities and municipalities, also the term of delivery of the same, whatever the circumstances that are unique third spring messaging service provider, but not the seller.

Of course the above, once you have paid, effectively verified by the seller, not later than the next business day checking the goods to the address informed by the buyer will be sent, having to exalt that deliveries made in Bogota DC not generate any cost, while that cross the city limits, will entail an additional charge of buyer, which must be previously borne the shipping expense.

KOOLARTZ Colombia SAS Company undertakes not to disclose to third parties personal information provided voluntarily by the buyers, which will be used exclusively to keep you informed of the products offered, as well as new collections launched by the company; however, databases are managed by authorized company personnel, guaranteeing security and confidentiality of these documents.

In those cases where potential drawbacks of technical and / or technological web page www.koolartz.com occur, KOOLARTZ Colombia SAS is not responsible, however it does not depend on the proper functioning of the company, but the provider Internet service that each user has contracted; also entratandose problems during the purchase through one of our strategic partners to introduce a better service, they should be made corresponding complaints to the third party, who is independent in the service provided.

Once you enter our website, all information, images, content, advertising, and all kinds of distinctive signs included therein they are the exclusive property of KoolArtz Colombia, which are duly protected by the Colombian law, such as regulating industrial property and / or intellectual, therefore, misuse of the contents, without prior authorization of the company will lead to the interposition of legal action (civil, criminal, etc.).

Consequently, it is prohibited to use this page users for purposes of transmission or placement of unauthorized information or misuse, which put the company in threat both as users and the general public, failing implore actions corresponding legal.

Fortuitously KOOLARTZ SAS Colombia develop partnerships to implement different marketing activities, just as it is open to partner with reputable companies that provide innovative ideas in development or export of products which magnify the Colombian company.

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