history Wayúu

history Wayúu

The Wayúu or Guajiros(arahuaco, guakito, powerful man) are natives of the Guajira peninsula in the Caribbean Sea shore, who live in Colombia and parts of Venezuela. They live in an area of ​​15.300km in the department of La Guajira in Colombia, and more than 12,000km in Zulia state of Venezuela. Climates live in regions that are warm with little rain only in September and December. The Wayuu people is Arawak descent, which sought the Amazon Colombia migrate to the West Indies in 150a.c.

Since that time preserved customs such as hunting, fishing, gardening and others. Their houses are made in the form of longhouse. Its population grew significantly during the years 1800-1900 AD in which different domains clashes over land and on the borders of Colombia and Venezuela were developed. The Wayuu people basically is dedicated to grazing, while similarly bred and sold horses, donkeys and mules, this is an economic activity q grant aid for many products, some of their economic activities are focused on ceramics and textiles, which are highly sought after by buyers as the shapes and the colors are very bright and in turn have unique designs that do not resemble another region known for its textures and shapes. Their tissues have a characteristic which manage forms of geometric figures in which similar forms of their gods like the sun or the moon, but also products with designs of animals, plants, among others. All this in order to be part of an evidence form of worship and honor to their social and spiritual beliefs. Some of them are billed q Products: Backpacks Wayuu unicolor, Mochila Wayuu designs, gauze short trendaza Wayuu bags, rings, fajones Wayuu, only Wayuu blankets, backpacks small Wayuu, chinchones, Wayuu hammocks, Cosmetiqueras, Wayuu small purses, backpack Wayuu decorated with stones, Backpacks Wayuu in a single thread, Scarves Wayuu Wayuu leather bags, Tulas Wayuu among others.

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